After having a relationship with the same person for years together, you decide to wed your loved one. The decision of marriage does not take place in a day. It requires months of planning before you actually make the ceremony happen in real life. Organizing a wedding ceremony is indeed back-breaking.

A Kiss Me Quick Wedding does not mean that the ceremony will not be meaningful. Your wedding will be designed as per your plans and will be executed within a short time span. Marriage Celebrants Perth create you a wedding ceremony to suit you. You can have a Kiss Me Quick Wedding from our wedding celebrants which will help you have quick wedding ceremony. No matter what the reason for a simple wedding ceremony is, we can arrange a hassle free wedding for the wedding couple. We will make the wedding plans after knowing the type of wedding you wish to have from us.

In the quick wedding ceremony, we can also create a ceremony not just to get the legal procedures done, we create a personlised script and encourage the contribution of family and friends in the ceremony. You can be sure of getting the wedding ceremony as per your choice.

As a wedding celebrant, our motto will be to provide an ideal wedding ceremony which would amaze you greatly. In case you want any changes to be made in your wedding ceremony, you can tell us without hesitation. We will do the tweaks to give you a perfect wedding ceremony.

What we do in Kiss Me Quick Weddings

For Kiss Me Quick Weddings, we do not conduct meetings for long hours and there is no need for pre-wedding rehearsals. Marriage Celebrants Perth will meet with you up to a month in advance of your wedding to have a short discussion in regards to your wedding ceremony and get to know you in regards to writing a script. we will also let you know about the pre-wedding legal requirements in detail during this discussion.

We are here to help arrange a quick wedding where we will keep all your paperwork arranged for you, we will also call a registrar if needed. We can also supply a location, signing table and chairs and a sound system for music if required.

Prices for a Kiss Me Quick Wedding start from $400.

What we need to know:

  1. Your eligibility to marry
  2. Are you of legal age?
  3. Date and Time of Wedding
  4. Your Contact Details
  5. We will need to view identification documentation such as a Passport, Birth Certificate, or Driver’s License.
  6. We need to know about any issues that may require clarification such as divorce documentation from previous marriages or death certificates from previous marriages.
  7. We will need to arrange a meeting to complete the notice of intended marriage that needs to be completed at least 30 days before the wedding date.